VeganMoFo Day One – Vegetable Cleaver

Monday’s entries will highlight a neglected kitchen tool. There are currently seven knives on my rack:

Each tends to have a specific function in my kitchen; the smaller santoku knives if a recipe calls for a clove or two of garlic, chef’s knife to chiffonade greens, etc. By far the one that gets the least attention is my vegetable cleaver (AKA Chinese chef’s knife).

Autumn is when it gets to shine because there are few things as satisfying as burying it into a butternut squash or a particularly large yam. It’s also fantastic for whacking shallots or garlic any time of year. The large, flat blade comes in handy for transporting chopped food from a cutting board to a pot or for using the front or top edge to simply push things off the board. Claude ran off with one of the yams from my bag, but the cleaver made short work of it after I retrieved it and washed it off.

I made Hottie Black-Eyed Peas & Greens and Ginger Mashed Sweet Potatoes & Apples from Appetite for Reduction:

Click the image to go to Isa’s entry on the two, because I can’t photograph squishy dishes like this to save my life. I need a camera. The mashed sweet potato dish came out really well. The only apples I had in my house were Honeycrisp, so I limited the ingredients to three: apples, sweet potatoes, and ginger to take advantage of their wonderful flavor.


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